Grizzly rooster feathers

Grizzly rooster feathers



234578   cameroon
October 4, 2011

Grizzly rooster feather for hair extentions.
1.Natural feather
2.Hair extension
3.Colorful feather
4.Fast delivery.


SPECIAL: Short Natural Value Pack - 3 cards
Limited supply. Orders of this item are limited to a maximum of FIVE (5) packages
Limited supply. Orders of this item are limited to a maximum of FIVE (5) packages per customer per day. Our rooster saddle hair extension feathers are now packaged SIX feathers per card. This item is a pack of THREE of our pre-carded stock. One card each of short grizzly, black, and brown. Each card is six feathers so 18 total feathers. YOU SAVE $12.00 off the per item price when you buy the pack as a unit. The grizzly are 5-8" while the black and brown are 6-9".

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Order Information

Location: cameroon
Quantity Available: 83200000
Minimum Order: 30 Unit/Units
Price for Minimum Order: 0 USD
Sample Available: No
Payment & Price Terms: money gram / western union
Delivery Lead Time: 3days
Quality/Safety Certifications:


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Contact Information

Mrs. nancy foster
Company: nancyfeatherinc
Address: wum, bu, alonge, Cameroon
Zip/Postal: 00237
Telephone: 00237-00237-78379814
Fax: 00237-00237-78657643

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